Workflow Automation

Make Life Easier with Automation

Are your current leads going with the (work)flow, or are they dying a slow death on an excel document? When you setup workflow automation rules, you can capitalize on automated triggers to nurture leads from cold, to warm, to hot. Let Sequel2 help setup and manage your workflow automation rules to help gain more leads while spending less time emailing and following up.


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Setting up email blasts & workflow automation is easier than you think.

1,000+ Apps Working Together

Try to imagine a world where nearly every application you use to run your business, from Quickbooks to Gmail to Dropbox to eBay, all work together. Sharing information in real-time, updating shipping departments, customers, employees, and more. Now imagine this is all done instantly in the Cloud, running in the background. Welcome to Zapier.
Let Sequel2 setup and run your automation today.

Example Workflow Automation Process for Email Marketing

Organize Your Leads

You have new leads coming in daily, and you have a database of existing leads, but nothing is organized. Organize all your leads into one central database will be the first step in the right direction.

Set Your Automated Rules

Set timers, follow-up rules, and draft your messages. Plan 6-12 months ahead of schedule to help automate systems that will turn a once forgotten lead in February into a sale in November.

Create Email Campaigns

Create the content that will help drive home a message and convert a prospect or cold lead into a new sale. Sequel2 will design and manage email messages to fit all browsers, mobile, & tablets to ensure the message is heard loud and clear.

Tracking & Reporting

See what systems are producing new leads, phone calls, or falling on dead clicks. Tracking and reporting will help create a level 2 automation. If/Then rules help take your message to a new level.