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What Sequel2 Can Do

Since 2006, Sequel2 has created interactive, modern, eye-catching websites for both small business owners and large franchise organizations. Using open-source software like Wordpress and Magento, Sequel2 has helped hundreds of clients thrive online while competing in an extremely competitive environment.

By strategically working with each client one-on-one, Sequel2 is able to create a streamlined, fully-functional website that enhances visitor interaction while increasing business productivity. We are able to implements complex web systems that maximizes the client's return on investment, while optimizing both online and offline systems.

From start to finish, we have our client's best interests in mind. Take a look at some of our work or contact us for a free website evaluation.

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SEO Optimization

As a business owner, this is your most important company asset. As the value of your website increases, so does to value of your company. Invest in quality search optimization for long term success.


Selling online takes more than a paypal account. Quality SEO, fully integrated fulfillment tools, automated follow up emails and other programs must be used to stay ahead in an extremely competitive ecommerce world.

Change Your Skin

One of the best features of Wordpress is the ability to choose new colors, change your layout, or upload a new image from the easy to use admin panel. You can completely change the look of your site in seconds, without any HTML experience.

Social Media

Online customer interaction is one of the most powerful tools on the internet today. Using a mix of all the social media platforms, Sequel2 can boost your company’s online reputation while promoting your products and services.

Why Our Clients Chose Sequel2

  • Availability - Always connect by phone or email within 12-24 hours
  • Forward Thinking - Providing solutions for problems that don't yet exist. For instance, transitioned the majority of our client sites to Wordpress before they knew it was necessary
  • Resourceful - We partner with some of the best third-party plugin developers on the market to get your sites done faster, and more affordably.
  • Price - We get it done, on time, under budget