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Three Simple Steps

Whether you're a huge online retailer or a small business looking to grow, Sequel2 has the experience and tools to help your business get up and running while planning and scaling for your company's long term growth needs.

Understanding Your Customer

Purchasing habits, user devices, time of the day, bounce rate...All critical when developing a business plan around attracting and keeping your customers interested while on your website.

Create Measurable Goals

Form fills, call tracking analytics, purchasing information, etc. Understanding your customer's trends and setting benchmarks for success will help your website thrive in the short, and long term.

Plant Your Flag

Building a website is easy. Building a website that attracts customers and propels your online presense forward each month is critical. Sequel2 will help put your company on the map, and keep it there for years to come.

Our Services and Products

Customizable and Scalable CMS Products

Using software used by millions of developers, designers, and trusted by some of the biggest name in the web industry, WordPress and Magento will allow your business to scale up at any time, while keeping your hands firmly on the steering wheel of your company's website.

Simply the best content management software (cms) in the world. Used by millions of website and developers, WordPress can help you manage your site's content, stay in touch with your customers, create and maintain a blog, integrate social networks, even sell products, all from the simple to use admin interface. Plus designing and updating your WordPress 'Theme' is our specialty!

Magento is the most powerful ecommerce software used today. And best of all, it is 100% free and open source. Similar to WordPress, Magento has a network of a few million developers and partners to help grow the software. Each month, new plugins and integrations are developed exclusively for Magento. Meaning you scale up or down at any time!

Mobile & Responsive Designs

All WordPress and Magento designs will be responsive to all viewing devices including iPhone and iPad. Meaning mobile checkout, touch, and tablet users can easily interact with your website.

Easy Editing

Manage all of your site's content through an easy to use admin interface. Add widgets, plugins, or have Sequel2 customize your platform to give you the tools needed to drive your website to the next level.

Scale Up Without Starting Over

You just put in a thousdand hours of work on your website, only to learn a few months later you need to scrap the site and start all over! Never again, using WordPress and Magento, your site will be ready for upgrades or updated designs quickly and easily.


Marketing Management

Google Adwords & SEO

Since 2006, Sequel2 has managed over $10,000,000 in Google Adwords spend.
We take our client's budget and goals very seriously and hold ourselves accountable through detailed reporting and analytics provided to our client each month.

Not all marketing guarantees a sale. However, to best maximize each click, Sequel2 takes a fully integrated approach to managing your Adwords account.
  • Track All Forms and Checkouts
  • Create Customized Landing Pages
  • Track All Adwords Originated Phone Leads
  • Merge Analytics and Adwords Data
  • Analyze Clicks, Impressions, Bounce, Market Share, and More
Organic growth online is what could make or break your business. Not everyone has the luxury of Google Adwords. For those who have a long term business plan, Sequel2 search engine optimization can help your business reach and maintain atop of Google results page.

Since 2006, we have used ethical search engine optimization techniques to help our clients build and maintain rankings that have stood the test of time.

Sequel2 Customers

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