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There is one universal truth about the internet. If you are not found on Google's first page, your website is as good as dead. So before you bury your website, contact Sequel2. We've got a little experience in this department.
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Our Search Engine Optimization Core Services Include:

Organic Search

Google Orgnaic, Google Maps, Google Local, Google Places...who can keep up with all of the changes from Google? Glad you asked, we can. Our job is to maintain your SEO listing on all areas of Google.


On-Page SEO

Make no mistake, content is still king. You want to keep your spot in line, plan on adding new content on a regular basis, refreshing old content, and keeping up with SEO trends such as on-page keyword density, saturation, and keyword placement rules.


Link Building

It's more than just buying and selling links. A smart, ethical strategy to link building is critical for Google to 'see' your website. Whether you are a new domain or existing, link building is huge for SEO.


Google My Business

Map listings on Google's result pages are starting to dominate. Not having your company listed could be the difference between opening a new location, or closing your current one. "Google My Business" is our business, we've got you covered.


Website Analysis

We offer a full range of website reporting tools including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Sequel2's fully customized dashboard for ecommerce reporting and sales. Proper analytics is the key to a long term successful website.

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